Winners stableford        Winners stroke play

1st P Conroy  42   1st J Robert 66nett               

4 ball Hillside ……. 4 ball Hurlston                        

2nd G Mahon  40 ..   2nd A Blumenow
4 ball mold       …4 ball aldersley

3rd J White 40 3rd J Brazier 69 nett

4th T Sweeny 38 4th B Bromsgrove 70nett

4 ball lea pk ………4 ball west derby

5th G Hughes 37….. 5th mick 71nett

Whisky balls……………Whisky balls 

Nearest pin                            longest drive

2nd hole                                   3rd hole

Horrigon                              0 to 9 No Winner

5th hole                               10 to 18 P Allan

J Frost                                   19 to 28  P James

8th hole                                     15th hole

S Shearer                               0 to 9 No Winner

10th hole                              10 to 18 L Thomas

G Hughes                              19 to 28 A Allen

13th hole

S Shearer

All receive sleeve balls umbrella whisky
The Putter was won by Phil Murphy Ticket No 657,
Vine Brook G/S

I would like to take this opportunity to Congratulate This years winner of our 2018 golf championship Mr Paul Conroy Well Done Paul,I would also like to thank all the Golf societies and Members,L.T.D.A. G/S, The Taxi Club, G/S,South Liverpool Airport G/S,Vine Brook G/S,Royal Pub,G/S Prides G/S, Lee Park Members,
and All Individual competitors for playing,
I would like to thank Jimmy McGovern and his Brother Del,who also played on the day Thank you for your kind donation Jim, Not forgetting Alan Kennedy who came along to the O.S.C.Club, Also I would like to thank all our sponsors old and new,SOLO Car Sales,T D P Sol,Jesica Bruse F C S, Waffer Phillips Sol,
Patons Ins,Princes Road Synagogue,F I S Integrated Solutions, Love It Designs Ltd,Liverpool Wedding Cabs.
Special thanks to Domanic Monaghan,Jacquilien Jones, Paul Azzopardi, Mark Curoton, Frank Mc Connville,
Thanks to Steward Jennette and all her staff O.S.C.Club, Kevin Rossiter also Ann & Vickie, Louise Rogan & The C/W Disco,
Mark Rabone, Jim Woods, and all the wonderful staff at Lee Park Golf Club.
thanks to the Time Keeper and also the Green Keeper groundsmen at Lee Park Golf Club
Thanks to Phil Murphy the Vine Brooke, for the Putter.
Chris Clarke F.I.S.integrated Solutions thank you for your kind donation.
Thank you all once again Hope to see you all next year Wednesday 4th September 2019

Bernie Buxton MBE



1ST  P Conroy               42 points

2nd G Mahon                 40 points

3rd J White                      40 points

4th T Sweeny                  38 points

5th G Hughes                   37 points


1ST JRoberts                      67 nett

2nd A Blumenow             67 nett

3rd J Brazier                        69 nett

4th B Bromsgrove            70 nett

5th     Mick                              71nett

Nearest the pins

2nd hole Horrigon

5th hole J Frost

8th hole S Shearer

10th hole G Hughes

13th hole S Shearer

Longest drive 3rd hole

0 to 9 No WINNER

10 to 18 P Allan

19 to 28 P James

Longest drive 15th hole

0 to 9 No Winner

10 to 18  L Thomas

19 to 28  A Allen